Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Redistribution of Wealth

This is not a “rant” against paying ones taxes, this is a statement for those that receive government assistance so they can realize from where that assistance comes.

Tax revenue that is gathered with the intent to give a portion of that revenue to another person, also known as redistribution of wealth, is classically known as legalized plunder. The “older’ terminology may be a more accurate description of the practice.

Taxes are levied and have to be paid by law. If you fail to pay your taxes there will be fees and fines which could be almost as much as the tax amount owed, they can even seize your personal property, and you can be imprisoned. All of this is done by the power invested in the Government, or to word it another way, all of this is done by force.

Since our government is a representative government, only exercising powers that are given to it by the people, let me describe how redistribution of wealth is really working, only I will remove the proxies from the system. Following I will use what is termed an “appeal to emotion”, not because I am trying to weaken the argument, but to portray the human element, with all of its emotions, in this possible example.

Suppose you go to a government office and apply for assistance. At this point the government gives you a list of names and addresses of your neighbors and tells you that each one owes you 5% of their income. It is your job to collect. You have to go to each person’s house on pay day and demand they take 5% of the money they just received for their “honest days work” and give it to you. Maybe you are so selfish that you do not notice that they have need for that money. Maybe they have more children than you, or maybe you see one of their children is sick, or maybe you notice the hood is up on their car as if it is broken, or maybe the roof is leaking. Maybe the person has just taken the pay check, paid whatever bills owed, and had just given their children a small allowance for the work they do. And now, when you demand the 5% the children have to hand back the money they just received to keep their parent from being fined or sent to jail.

If the person, which is a household, so therefore if this household refuses to give you the 5% of their income you have been given the right to call the police. Not just any police, but a special branch or type of police whose sole job is to work this type of case. Like the ATF, or the FBI, these police are well trained, and somewhat feared because of their ability to reach into your life.

Suppose as you go to collect your 5% you do take notice of their situation and decide you don’t want their 5%. You can not refuse it. By law it has been decreed that they must pay.

So, here you are, at your neighbor’s house. Your neighbor refuses to pay the 5%. You call the “special” police and the full weight of the law is used on your neighbor to coerce them to pay you the money. The officers arrived armed and fully equipped to sustain the law. You watch as your neighbor’s property is taken and sold in their front yard and as each item is sold the money is given to you, as you stand in front of your neighbor and their family.

At the end of the day, you have essentially robbed your neighbor by gun point.

I wonder if you needed to borrow a cup of sugar would you have the nerve to go to that neighbor. What if your lawn mower broke, would you ask them to borrow theirs? Do you think they would lend it to you? If they did not, would you be willing to go down the path a bit farther and question their “Christian ethics” by saying “I thought you Christians believed in helping others, you and your belief in Jesus is nothing more than hypocritical.” Do you imagine you just endeared yourself even more with your neighbor?

If for some reason you believe that the tax payer should view their situation as if they are paying charity, and should then sit back and feel a satisfaction for their actions towards their fellow man, if you believe that that satisfaction more than compensates for the money taken, then you should strive with all of your effort to become a tax payer to feel the satisfaction of being taxed.

So, if you receive help from “the government”, remember, you are receiving help from your neighbor. If you are “on assistance” and you see your neighbor trying to move something heavy, or trying to start a lawn mower than refuses to run, maybe you should get up, put a smile of gratitude on your face, go out and help them.

If you receive help from “the government”, which is your neighbor, you should be thankful for your neighbor and while your neighbor is keeping you up and literally buying you time, you should review your life choices, accept that you may have to change your mind on what you do for a living or what dreams you want to chase (changing your mind also means repent if you didn’t know) and get training, or move to a new location, and be willing to do what ever it takes to earn enough money to live without assistance from others.

Remember, if your work is something that is common, that anyone can do, then it will never pay more than the common, also known as the minimum wage. To get payed more you have to do something that few can do, or few want to do.

I hope you realize how taxation for redistribution is legalized plunder via a proxy collection agency. My point is not that helping those in need is wrong, but how it is blind, heartless, and even ruthless, when it is done by law. If law is the only means to get it done then the balance of the law should be that those receiving should risk just as much as those required to pay, and that means the loss of personal property and even imprisonment.

How many of you got to this point? Important subject matter can't be shared with a "meme" of some cute kitten or silhouette with a clever caption beneath it.

Please read, “The Law” by Bastiat 1850

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